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class Object clearScope;

The base class of all classes except itself.

Class Methods


static string G_SkillName()

The name of the skill currently being played on.

static int G_SkillPropertyInt(ESkillProperty p)

Returns a skill property as an integer.

static double G_SkillPropertyFloat(EFSkillProperty p)

Returns a skill property as a float.


static void MarkSound(sound soundId)

Marks soundId to be pre-cached.

static void S_StartSound(sound soundId, ESoundFlags channel, ESoundFlags flags = 0, float volume = 1.0, float attenuation = ATTN_NORM, float pitch = 0.0, float startTime = 0.0)

Plays a sound with no source.

static void S_PauseSound(bool notMusic, bool notSfx)

Pauses music if notMusic is false and all game sounds if notSfx is false. Used for instance in the time stop power-up.

static void S_ResumeSound(bool notSfx)

Resumes playing music and, if notSfx is false, all game sounds as well.

static float S_GetLength(sound soundId)

Nondeterministic — Do not rely on its outcome Returns the length of a sound in seconds. Potentially nondeterministic if all users in a networked game are not using the same sounds.


static bool S_ChangeMusic(string musicName, int order = 0, bool looping = true, bool force = false)

Changes the music to name. If name is "*", the music will be set to the default music for this level. Will loop if looping is true. force will force the music to play even if a playlist (from the playlist console command) is playing. order determines the music ordering.

void SetMusicVolume(float volume)

Sets the volume of the music relative to the user's volume. Range is 0-1, inclusive.


static uint Bam(double angle)

Returns a byte angle of angle, equivalent to angle * (0x40000000 / 90.0).

static uint MsTime()

Nondeterministic — Do not rely on its outcome Returns the number of milliseconds since the engine was started.

varArg static void ThrowAbortException(string fmt, ...)

Kills the VM and ends the game (without exiting) with a formatted error.


Legacy — Do not use

deprecated("3.8") static vector3, int G_PickDeathmatchStart()

Use LevelLocals.PickDeathmatchStart instead.

deprecated("3.8") static vector3, int G_PickPlayerStart(int pNum, int flags = 0)

Use LevelLocals.PickPlayerStart instead.

deprecated("4.3") static void S_Sound(sound soundId, ESoundFlags channel, float volume = 1.0, float attenuation = ATTN_NORM, float pitch = 0.0)

Use S_StartSound instead.

Overview of class methods

Bam, G_PickDeathmatchStart, G_PickPlayerStart, G_SkillName, G_SkillPropertyFloat, G_SkillPropertyInt, MarkSound, MsTime, S_ChangeMusic, S_GetLength, S_PauseSound, S_ResumeSound, S_Sound, S_StartSound, SetMusicVolume, ThrowAbortException

Instance Methods

class GetClass()

Returns the class type of this object.

string GetClassName()

Returns a string representation of the class type of this object.

class GetParentClass()

Returns the class type of this object's parent class.

virtualScope void Destroy()

Marks this object to be garbage collected. Do not use the object after calling this. References to it will be invalidated.

virtual virtualScope void OnDestroy()

Nondeterministic — Do not rely on its outcome Called just before the object is collected by the garbage collector. Nondeterministic unless the object is linked into the thinker list, in which case it is destroyed earlier in a deterministic setting. Not all Thinkers are linked into this list, so be careful when overriding this. Any Actor will generally be safe.

Overview of instance methods

Destroy, GetClass, GetClassName, GetParentClass, OnDestroy

Instance Members

bool bDestroyed

This object wants to be destroyed but has not yet been garbage collected.

Overview of instance members



const int TICRATE

The number of game tics in a second. Its value is always 35.

Overview of constants