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struct LevelLocals clearScope;

A structure of all the relevant data for a single level.

  • [EUdmf]

Class Methods

static void MakeScreenShot()

static void MakeAutoSave()

deprecated("3.8") static void RemoveAllBots(bool fromList)

deprecated("3.8") static bool IsPointInMap(vector3 p)

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Overview of class methods

IsPointInMap, MakeAutoSave, MakeScreenShot, RemoveAllBots

Instance Methods

string GetUdmfString([EUdmf] type, int index, name key)

int GetUdmfInt([EUdmf] type, int index, name key)

double GetUdmfFloat([EUdmf] type, int index, name key)

play int ExecuteSpecial(int special, [Actor] activator, [Line] lineDef, bool lineSide, int arg1 = 0, int arg2 = 0, int arg3 = 0, int arg4 = 0, int arg5 = 0)

void GiveSecret([Actor] activator, bool printMsg = true, bool playSound = true)

void StartSlideshow(name whichOne = 'none')

void WorldDone()

ui vector2 GetAutoMapPosition()

void SetInterMusic(string nextMap)

string FormatMapName(int mapNameColor)

bool IsJumpingAllowed() const

bool IsCrouchingAllowed() const

bool IsFreeLookAllowed() const

void StartIntermission(name type, int state) const

play [SpotState] GetSpotState(bool create = true)

int FindUniqueTId(int start = 0, int limit = 0)

uint GetSkyBoxPortal([Actor] actor)

void ReplaceTextures(string from, string to, int flags)

[HealthGroup] FindHealthGroup(int id)

vector3, int PickDeathmatchStart()

vector3, int PickPlayerStart(int pNum, int flags = 0)

int IsFrozen() const

void SetFrozen(bool on)

[Sector] PointInSector(vector2 p) const

bool IsPointInLevel(vector3 p) const

vector2 Vec2Diff(vector2 v1, vector2 v2) const

vector3 Vec3Diff(vector3 v1, vector3 v2) const

vector3 SphericalCoords(vector3 viewPoint, vector3 targetPos, vector2 viewAngles = (0.0, 0.0), bool absolute = false) const

vector2 Vec2Offset(vector2 pos, vector2 dir, bool absolute = false) const

vector3 Vec2OffsetZ(vector2 pos, vector2 dir, double atZ, bool absolute = false) const

vector3 Vec3Offset(vector3 pos, vector3 dir, bool absolute = false) const

string GetChecksum() const

void ChangeSky(textureId sky1, textureId sky2)

[SectorTagIterator] CreateSectorTagIterator(int tag, [Line] defLine = null)

[LineIdIterator] CreateLineIdIterator(int tag)

[ActorIterator] CreateActorIterator(int tid, class<[Actor]> type = "Actor")

string TimeFormatted(bool totals = false)

play bool CreateCeiling([Sector] sec, [Ceiling].[ECeiling] type, [Line] ln, double speed, double speed2, double height = 0.0, int crush = -1, int silent = 0, int change = 0, [Ceiling].[ECrushMode] crushMode = [Ceiling].[CRUSHDOOM])

play bool CreateFloor([Sector] sec, [Floor].[EFloor] type, [Line] ln, double speed, double height = 0.0, int crush = -1, int change = 0, bool crushMode = false, bool hereticLower = false)

void ExitLevel(int position, bool keepFacing)

void SecretExitLevel(int position)

void ChangeLevel(string levelName, int position = 0, int flags = 0, int skill = -1)

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Overview of instance methods

ChangeLevel, ChangeSky, CreateActorIterator, CreateCeiling, CreateFloor, CreateLineIdIterator, CreateSectorTagIterator, ExecuteSpecial, ExitLevel, FindHealthGroup, FindUniqueTId, FormatMapName, GetAutoMapPosition, GetChecksum, GetSkyBoxPortal, GetSpotState, GetUdmfFloat, GetUdmfInt, GetUdmfString, GiveSecret, IsCrouchingAllowed, IsFreeLookAllowed, IsFrozen, IsJumpingAllowed, IsPointInLevel, PickDeathmatchStart, PickPlayerStart, PointInSector, ReplaceTextures, SecretExitLevel, SetFrozen, SetInterMusic, SphericalCoords, StartIntermission, StartSlideshow, TimeFormatted, Vec2Diff, Vec2Offset, Vec2OffsetZ, Vec3Diff, Vec3Offset, WorldDone

Instance Members

Map Data

array<[Sector]> Sectors

array<[Line]> Lines

array<[Side]> Sides

readOnly array<[Vertex]> Vertexes

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readOnly int LevelNum

readOnly string MapName

readOnly int Cluster

readOnly int MapType

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readOnly int ClusterFlags

Flags for this cluster. May contain the following flags:


readOnly string LevelName

readOnly string AuthorName

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readOnly string Music

readOnly int MusicOrder

readOnly float MusicVolume

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readOnly string F1Pic

readOnly textureId SkyTexture1

readOnly textureId SkyTexture2

float SkySpeed1

float SkySpeed2

readOnly int FogDensity

readOnly int OutsideFogDensity

readOnly int SkyFog

readOnly float PixelStretch

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readOnly bool ActOwnSpecial

readOnly bool AllowRespawn

readOnly bool CheckSwitchRange

readOnly bool Infinite_Flight

readOnly bool KeepFullInventory

readOnly bool MissilesActivateImpact

readOnly bool MonsterFallingDamage

readOnly bool MonstersTeleFrag

readOnly bool NoInventoryBar

readOnly bool NoMonsters

readOnly bool No_Dlg_Freeze

readOnly bool PolyGrind

readOnly bool RemoveItems

readOnly double TeamDamage

play int AirSupply

bool AllMap

TO-DO — This section is not finished yet

readOnly bool SndSeqTotalCtrl

Sets all sectors' SeqType to -1. Set by the NoAutoSequences flag in MapInfo.

deprecated("3.8") bool Frozen

Legacy — Do not use Use IsFrozen instead.


play double Gravity

play double AirControl

play double AirFriction

readOnly int CompatFlags

readOnly int CompatFlags2

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int Total_Secrets

int Found_Secrets

int Total_Items

int Found_Items

int Total_Monsters

int Killed_Monsters

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readOnly int Time

readOnly int MapTime

readOnly int TotalTime

readOnly int StartTime

readOnly int ParTime

readOnly int SuckTime

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string NextMap

string NextSecretMap

name DeathSequence

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Overview of instance members

ActOwnSpecial, AirControl, AirFriction, AirSupply, AllMap, AllowRespawn, AuthorName, CheckSwitchRange, Cluster, ClusterFlags, CompatFlags, CompatFlags2, DeathSequence, F1Pic, FogDensity, Found_Items, Found_Secrets, Frozen, Gravity, Infinite_Flight, KeepFullInventory, Killed_Monsters, LevelName, LevelNum, Lines, MapName, MapTime, MapType, MissilesActivateImpact, MonsterFallingDamage, MonstersTeleFrag, Music, MusicOrder, MusicVolume, NextMap, NextSecretMap, NoInventoryBar, NoMonsters, No_Dlg_Freeze, OutsideFogDensity, ParTime, PixelStretch, PolyGrind, RemoveItems, Sectors, Sides, SkyFog, SkySpeed1, SkySpeed2, SkyTexture1, SkyTexture2, SndSeqTotalCtrl, StartTime, SuckTime, TeamDamage, Time, TotalTime, Total_Items, Total_Monsters, Total_Secrets, Vertexes


const int CLUSTER_HUB

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Overview of constants