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struct DeHInfo clearScope;

Static DeHackEd information.

Instance Members

readOnly int BfgCells

The amount of ammunition [StateProvider].[A_FireBfg] will deplete. Default is 40.

readOnly int BlueAc

Multiple of 100 for [BlueArmor]'s [Armor].[SaveAmount]. Default is 2 for 200 armor.

readOnly double ExplosionAlpha

For actors with the [bDEHEXPLOSION] flag, the alpha to set the actor to on explosion.

readOnly uint8 ExplosionStyle

For actors with the [bDEHEXPLOSION] flag, the render style to be applied on explosion.

readOnly int MaxHealth

TO-DO — This section is not finished yet

readOnly int MaxSoulSphere

The [Inventory].[MaxAmount] for [SoulSphere]. Default is 200.

readOnly int NoAutoFreeze

Overrides generic freezing deaths if not zero, making all actors act as if they had the [bNOICEDEATH] flag.

Overview of instance members

BfgCells, BlueAc, ExplosionAlpha, ExplosionStyle, MaxHealth, MaxSoulSphere, NoAutoFreeze