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class EventHandler : StaticEventHandler play version("2.4");

Event handlers handle events on a per-game or per-map level. This means that they are registered when you start a new game or map, and un-register when you finish the game or map. This is unlike StaticEventHandler, which registers when the engine is started, and un-registers when it exits.

All of the virtual functions on EventHandler have empty implementations by default, so you only need to override the events your event handler needs to override.

See StaticEventHandler for more information on the events that can be overridden on this type.

Class Methods

clearScope static StaticEventHandler Find(class<StaticEventHandler> type)

This is exactly the same as the function on StaticEventHandler.

clearScope static void SendNetworkEvent(string name, int arg1 = 0, int arg2 = 0, int arg3 = 0)

Sends a network event with no activator.

Overview of class methods

Find, SendNetworkEvent