There are many music formats supported by GZDoom. Currently, all of the music code is in its own submodule, ZMusic. The music system supports many types of MIDI, tracker, emulated chip, OPL, and PCM audio formats.

Until 4.4.0 Additionally, ZMusic also supports playing redbook audio via a CD drive, or through a CDDA dump of one.

This page links to sources for the specifications of each format, and pages for general information on them. You probably only need the latter.

All music formats can be put in a GZip container, saving space in some situations.


ZMusic has a concept of song order for multi-track files. The way this works depends on the format, so we will go over each format's handling individually.

  • CD Audio is divided into tracks.
  • Most tracker formats have a concept of sub-songs. This will depend on the tracker format.
  • The AY, GBS, HES, KSS, NSF, NSFe, and SAP formats all support multiple data tracks.
  • Standard MIDI and XMI have a concept of sub-songs.


PCM Audio Formats

Supported PCM audio formats include:

  • AIFF, AIFC12
  • CDDA34 Until 4.4.0
  • FLAC56
  • MPEG 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 Layer I, II, III Audio (MP2, MP3)78
  • Microsoft WAVE910
  • Ogg Vorbis1112

More obscure, but supported, PCM formats include:

OPL Formats

Supported OPL formats include:

Emulated Formats

Supported emulated formats include:

Tracker Formats

Supported tracker formats include:

MIDI Formats

Supported MIDI formats include: