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class Shape2D : Object clearScope;

Represents an arbitrary polygonal 2D shape.

Instance Methods

void SetTransform(Shape2DTransform transform)

TO-DO — This section is not finished yet

void Clear(Shape2D.EClearWhich which = Shape2D.C_VERTS | Shape2D.C_COORDS | Shape2D.C_INDICES)

Removes all of a certain type (or types of) data out of a shape.

void PushCoord(vector2 c)

Pushes a texture coordinate into the shape buffer.

void PushTriangle(int a, int b, int c)

Pushes the indices of a triangle into the shape buffer.

void PushVertex(vector2 v)

Pushes a vertex into the shape buffer.

Overview of instance methods

Clear, PushCoord, PushTriangle, PushVertex, SetTransform