The built-in dynamic-size array type.

Instance Methods

uint Size() const

Returns the number of elements in the array.

void Copy(array<T> other)

Copies all of the elements of other into this array, doing nothing to the original array.

void Move(array<T> other)

Moves all of the elements of other into this array, emptying the original array completely.

void Append(array<T> other)

Appends the elements of other to this array, copying them.

uint Find(T item) const

Returns the index of the first element matching item, or Size if no matches are found.

uint Push(T item)

Inserts an element at the end of the array.

bool Pop()

Removes the last element in the array. Returns false if nothing was removed.

void Delete(uint index, int deleteCount = 1)

Deletes deleteCount elements at index, moving elements back if necessary.

void Insert(uint index, T item)

Inserts an element at index. If index is beyond the bounds of the array, it will initialize the leading elements to their null value.

void ShrinkToFit()

Shrinks the internal array to the Size of the array.

void Grow(uint amount)

Grows the internal array's capacity so that it can fit at least amount more elements.

void Resize(uint amount)

Resizes the internal array to amount, potentially removing elements.

uint Reserve(uint amount)

Grows the internal array's capacity by exactly amount more elements.

uint Max() const

Returns the size of the internal array.

void Clear()

Removes all elements in the array.

Overview of instance methods

Append, Clear, Copy, Delete, Find, Grow, Insert, Max, Move, Pop, Push, Reserve, Resize, ShrinkToFit, Size