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struct ConsoleEvent clearScope version("2.4");

The information for a StaticEventHandler.ConsoleProcess or StaticEventHandler.NetworkProcess event.

Instance Members

readOnly int Player

The player who created this event, or -1 if there was no activator. This will always be positive for StaticEventHandler.NetworkProcess events and always -1 for StaticEventHandler.ConsoleProcess events.

readOnly string Name

The name as provided to StaticEventHandler.SendNetworkEvent. Use this to distinguish between event types. It is favorable to prefix names with the name of your mod or game so that it will not potentially conflict with other mods.

readOnly int[3] Args

The arguments as provided to StaticEventHandler.SendNetworkEvent.

readOnly bool IsManual

true if this event was created manually, for instance through a console command.

Overview of instance members

Args, IsManual, Name, Player