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struct Screen clearScope;

Tagged functions for drawing textures to the screen.

Internal Variables

VirtualWidth, VirtualHeight

The target resolution to transform into a coordinate space.


After all arguments are parsed, the CleanMode internal variable is used along with VirtualWidth/VirtualHeight to determine how to finally transform positions.



(bool use) Sets CleanMode to perform no position scaling.


(bool use) Scales all positions by [Clean] * [Fac]. See the documentation for those variables for more information.


(bool use) Scales the destination width and height by [Clean] * [Fac].


(bool use) Scales the destination width and height by [Clean] * [Fac_1].


(bool use) Sets the X and Y positions to 0. (Yes, really, this is all it does.)


(int type) Scales all positions by the current status bar's scaling rules.


Internal — Do not use Scales all positions by the current status bar's scaling rules and centers the X position.


These essentially just set CleanMode and some other stuff.


(bool use) Sets CleanMode to DTA_BASE and the virtual width/height to 320/200. Note that 320x200 does not scale properly to the screen, as it must be 320x240 to do so.

DrawTexture Arguments

Here is a list of tags and their respective arguments which may be used with [DrawTexture]:


bool use Does nothing unless DTA_FILLCOLOR is used and the render style is unspecified, in which case it will set the render style to "shaded" if use is true. {DTA_ALPHA}

double alpha Sets the alpha of the drawn texture to alpha. {DTA_BOTTOM320X200}

bool use Same as DTA_320X200, but also enables position transformation as if a call to VirtualToRealCoords with vbottom to true. Note that this is the only way to actually set this, but it may be overridden by following arguments to effectively toggle only this flag. {DTA_CENTERBOTTOMOFFSET}

bool use Same as DTA_CENTERBOTTOMOFFSET, but the Y offset is aligned to the bottom instead of the center. {DTA_CENTEROFFSET}

bool use Overrides the texture's X and Y offsets, centering them between the texture's height and width if use is true. {DTA_CLIPBOTTOM} {DTA_CLIPTOP}

int length Sets the vertical clipping for the texture. {DTA_CLIPLEFT} {DTA_CLIPRIGHT}

int length Sets the horizontal clipping for the texture. {DTA_COLOROVERLAY}

color cr Multiplies cr with the texture. Alpha determines the intensity of this overlay. Applied before render styles. {DTA_COLOR}

color cr Multiplies cr with the texture. Applied after render styles change the color. {DTA_DESATURATE}

int amount Desaturates the texture by amount (range 0-255.) {DTA_DESTHEIGHTF} {DTA_DESTWIDTHF}

double size Same as DTA_DESTHEIGHT/DTA_DESTWIDTH, but with decimal arguments. {DTA_DESTHEIGHT} {DTA_DESTWIDTH}

int size Sets the resulting width or height on screen of the texture and sets CleanMode to DTA_BASE. {DTA_FILLCOLOR}

color cr Sets the render style to "stencil" if one is not specified and the fill color to cr. {DTA_FLIPX} {DTA_FLIPY}

bool use Flips the X or Y position if use is true. {DTA_KEEPRATIO}

bool on Enables aspect ratio correction if on is true. {DTA_LEFTOFFSETF} {DTA_TOPOFFSETF}

double ofs Same as DTA_LEFTOFFSET/DTA_TOPOFFSETF, but with decimal arguments. {DTA_LEFTOFFSET} {DTA_TOPOFFSET}

int ofs Overrides the texture's X or Y offset. {DTA_LEGACYRENDERSTYLE}

int style Overrides the render style. Note that there is also a DTA_RENDERSTYLE which cannot be used because the engine does not expose FRenderStyle yet. {DTA_MASKED}

bool on Turns the texture fully opaque (no alpha mask) if on is false. Default value is on. {DTA_SRCHEIGHT} {DTA_SRCWIDTH}

int size Sets the width or height of the source image. Will cut the texture if lower than the original size. If the size is larger than the original, it will cause UV clamping, repeating the pixels at the image borders. {DTA_SRCX} {DTA_SRCY}

int pos Sets the X or Y on the source image to start the texture at. Texture wrapping will cause a UV clamping effect, repeating the pixels at the image borders. {DTA_TRANSLATIONINDEX}

int index Remaps colors in the destination texture with translation table index. {DTA_VIRTUALHEIGHTF} {DTA_VIRTUALWIDTHF}


int size Sets the virtual width or height to size. {DTA_WINDOWLEFTF} {DTA_WINDOWRIGHTF}

double size Same as DTA_WINDOWLEFT/DTA_WINDOWRIGHT, but with decimal arguments. {DTA_WINDOWLEFT} {DTA_WINDOWRIGHT}

int size Crops size pixels from the left or right.

Overview of variants