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struct Wads clearScope;

The Wads group of functions allow you to access the virtual file system by reading from loaded archives. Note that all archive operations are Nondeterministic — Do not rely on its outcome unless all users have the exact same files loaded. This is generally fine even if they are not exactly the same, but be careful to not do things which may collide with what another mod is doing.

Class Methods

static int CheckNumForFullName(string name)

Returns the handle of the first file named name, matching only the full path to it, including the extension, or -1 if the file was not found. Only works with files defined in resource archives.

static int CheckNumForName(string name, Wads.WadNamespace ns, int wadnum = -1, bool exact = false)

Returns the handle of the first lump named name within namespace ns. If wadnum is not -1, then it signifies, if exact is false, the number of the last archive to search in, or the only archive to search in if exact is true.

Note there is currently no way to actually get the number of an archive, even the current one. The only guarantee is that archive 0 will be the base archive (gzdoom.pk3.)

static int FindLump(string name, int startlump = 0, Wads.FindLumpNamespace ns = Wads.GLOBALNAMESPACE)

Returns the handle of the first lump named name starting at startlump (where 0 indicates the first lump) in either the global namespace or any namespace (based on ns.) Returns -1 if there are no lumps with that name left. This function can be used in a loop to find all lumps with a specified name.

static string ReadLump(int lump)

Reads the whole contents of lump into a string and returns the result. If lump is not valid, returns an empty string. Note that binary lumps can be loaded this way and the string's length will be correct according to the lump's size even if null characters are present in the lump.

static int GetNumLumps()

Returns the number of files throughout the entire loaded virtual file system.

static string GetLumpName(int lump)

Returns the shortened 8-character name of the lump.

static string GetLumpFullName(int lump)

Returns the full name of the lump, or the short name if one does not exist.

static Wads.WadNamespace GetLumpNamespace(int lump)

Returns the namespace this lump is in.

Overview of class methods

CheckNumForFullName, CheckNumForName, FindLump, GetLumpFullName, GetLumpName, GetLumpNamespace, GetNumLumps, ReadLump