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struct State clearScope;

Represents a state on an Actor. Data in State is read-only and is copied as needed to its respective locations for modification, as it is merely a view into the global constant state table.

Instance Methods

int DistanceTo(State other)

Returns the offset between this state and other in the global frame table. Only works if both states are owned by the same actor.

bool InStateSequence(State base)

Returns true if this state is within a contiguous state sequence beginning with base.

bool ValidateSpriteFrame()

Returns true if the sprite frame actually exists.

textureId, bool, vector2 GetSpriteTexture(int rotation, int skin = 0, vector2 scale = (0, 0))

Returns the texture, if the texture should be flipped horizontally, and scaling of this state's sprite. Scaling will return scale unless skin is nonzero. skin determines the player skin used.

Overview of instance methods

DistanceTo, GetSpriteTexture, InStateSequence, ValidateSpriteFrame

Instance Members


readOnly uint8 Frame

The sprite frame of this state. The "A" frame is represented by "0," the "B" frame by "1," etc.

readOnly int Sprite

The sprite ID of this state.


readOnly int16 Tics

The number of game tics this state lasts.

readOnly uint16 TicRange

The maximum amount of tics to add for random tic durations, or 0 if the duration is not random. For example, TNT1 A random(5, 7) would have a Tics value of 5 and a TicRange of 2.


readOnly State NextState

A pointer to the next state in the global state table. The next state may not be in the same actor! Be careful when using this.

readOnly int Misc1

readOnly int Misc2

Legacy — Do not use Primarily used in DeHackEd compatibility.

readOnly EStateUseFlags UseFlags

The action scope of this state.


readOnly bool bCanRaise

State has the canRaise option, allowing Actor.A_VileChase to target this actor for healing without entering an infinitely long state.

readOnly bool bDeHackEd

State has been modified by DeHackEd.

readOnly bool bFast

State has the fast option, halving the duration when fast monsters is enabled.

readOnly bool bFullBright

State has the bright option, making it fully bright regardless of lighting conditions.

readOnly bool bNoDelay

State has the noDelay option, forcing the associated action function to be run if the actor is in its first tic.

readOnly bool bSameFrame

State's frame is to be kept from the last frame used, i.e, is #.

readOnly bool bSlow

State has the slow option, doubling the duration when slow monsters is enabled.

Overview of instance members

Frame, Misc1, Misc2, NextState, Sprite, TicRange, Tics, UseFlags, bCanRaise, bDeHackEd, bFast, bFullBright, bNoDelay, bSameFrame, bSlow