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struct RenderEvent ui version("2.4");

The information for a StaticEventHandler.RenderOverlay or StaticEventHandler.RenderUnderlay event.

Instance Members

readOnly vector3 ViewPos

The position at which the camera is at.

readOnly double ViewAngle

The yaw angle of the camera.

readOnly double ViewPitch

The pitch angle of the camera.

readOnly double ViewRoll

The roll angle of the camera.

readOnly double FracTic

A value between 0 and 1 (exclusive) representing the time between the last game tic and the next game tic. This is most useful for interpolation, and you can add it to the current game tick to get the real time at which this event has been called. Precision is not specified.

readOnly Actor Camera

The actor which is acting as the camera for the player's view.

Overview of instance members

Camera, FracTic, ViewAngle, ViewPitch, ViewPos, ViewRoll