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class StatusScreen abstract play version("2.5");

The base class for intermission status screens. Any status screen used by MAPINFO GameInfo must be derived from this class.

Class Methods

static int, int, int GetPlayerWidths()

static color GetRowColor(PlayerInfo player, bool highlight)

static void GetSortedPlayers(in out array<int> sorted, bool teamPlay)

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static void PlaySound(sound snd)

Plays a UI sound at full volume using S_StartSound.

Overview of class methods

GetPlayerWidths, GetRowColor, GetSortedPlayers, PlaySound

Instance Methods

void SetSize(int width, int height, int wrapW = -1, int scaleMode = FSMODE_SCALETOFIT43)

int DrawCharPatch(Font fnt, int charCode, int x, int y, int translation = Font.CR_UNTRANSLATED, bool noMove = false)

void DrawTexture(textureId tex, double x, double y, bool noMove = false)

void DrawText(Font fnt, int color, double x, double y, string s, bool noMove = false, bool shadow = false)

int DrawName(int y, textureId tex, string levelName)

int DrawAuthor(int y, string levelName)

deprecated("3.8") int DrawPatchText(int y, PatchInfo pInfo, string stringName)

int DrawPatchOrText(int y, PatchInfo pinfo, textureId patch, string stringName)

virtual int DrawLf()

virtual int DrawEl()

int DrawNum(Font fnt, int x, int y, int n, int digits, bool leadingZeros = true, int translation = Font.CR_UNTRANSLATED, bool noMove = false)

void DrawPercent(Font fnt, int x, int y, int p, int b, bool show_Total = true, int color = Font.CR_UNTRANSLATED, bool noMove = false)

void DrawTimeFont(Font printFont, int x, int y, int t, int color)

void DrawTime(int x, int y, int t, bool no_Sucks = false)

void DrawTextScaled(Font fnt, double x, double y, string text, double scale, int translation = Font.CR_UNTRANSLATED)

void DrawNumScaled(Font fnt, int x, int y, double scale, int n, int digits, int translation = Font.CR_UNTRANSLATED)

void DrawPercentScaled(Font fnt, int x, int y, int p, int b, double scale, bool show_Total = true, int color = Font.CR_UNTRANSLATED)

void DrawTimeScaled(Font fnt, int x, int y, int t, double scale, int color = Font.CR_UNTRANSLATED)

bool AutoSkip()

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virtual void Drawer()

Called by WI_Drawer, which is called every frame when GameState is GS_INTERMISSION.

virtual void End()

Called when the intermission should end. Default behaviour is to set CurState to StatusScreen.LEAVINGINTERMISSION and remove bots in death-match. Generally, LevelLocals.WorldDone should be called directly after this.

virtual void Start(WbStartStruct wbs)

Called by WI_Start after the WbStartStruct is populated, sounds are stopped and the screen blend is set to black. Sets up initial values and runs InitStats.

virtual void StartMusic()

Called in the first tic by Ticker to set the intermission music.

virtual void Ticker()

Called by WI_Ticker, which is called every game tic when GameState is GS_INTERMISSION.

protected virtual void DrawNoState()

Called by Drawer when CurState is StatusScreen.NOSTATE or any other non-state.

protected virtual void DrawShowNextLoc()

Called by Drawer when CurState is StatusScreen.SHOWNEXTLOC and, by default, DrawNoState after setting Snl_PointerOn to true.

protected virtual void DrawStats()

Called by Drawer directly after drawing the animated background when CurState is StatusScreen.STATCOUNT.

protected virtual void InitNoState()

Called by UpdateShowNextLoc to initiate the StatusScreen.NOSTATE stage.

protected virtual void InitShowNextLoc()

Called by UpdateStats to initiate the StatusScreen.SHOWNEXTLOC stage.

protected virtual void InitStats()

Called by Start to initiate the StatusScreen.STATCOUNT stage.

protected virtual void UpdateNoState()

Called by Ticker when CurState is StatusScreen.NOSTATE or any other non-state. Exits the intermission by calling End and LevelLocals.WorldDone when appropriate.

protected virtual void UpdateShowNextLoc()

Called by Ticker when CurState is StatusScreen.SHOWNEXTLOC. Runs InitNoState when appropriate and alternates Snl_PointerOn.

protected virtual void UpdateStats()

Called by Ticker when CurState is StatusScreen.STATCOUNT. Runs InitShowNextLoc when appropriate.

protected void CheckForAccelerate()

Updates the values of AccelerateStage and PlayerReady according to each player's inputs.

protected int FragSum(int playerNum)

Returns the number of frags player playerNum has accumulated against all currently in-game players. This is different from WbPlayerStruct.FragCount because it is counted dynamically, i.e. if a player leaves the count will be changed. This is only useful for game modes where frags do not count as score.

Overview of instance methods

AutoSkip, CheckForAccelerate, DrawAuthor, DrawCharPatch, DrawEl, DrawLf, DrawName, DrawNoState, DrawNum, DrawNumScaled, DrawPatchOrText, DrawPatchText, DrawPercent, DrawPercentScaled, DrawShowNextLoc, DrawStats, DrawText, DrawTextScaled, DrawTexture, DrawTime, DrawTimeFont, DrawTimeScaled, Drawer, End, FragSum, InitNoState, InitShowNextLoc, InitStats, SetSize, Start, StartMusic, Ticker, UpdateNoState, UpdateShowNextLoc, UpdateStats

Instance Members

InterBackground Bg

The background for this intermission, set by Start with the initial WbStartStruct object.

int AccelerateStage

Used to signify to the current stage that it should go quicker or be skipped entirely.

bool[MAXPLAYERS] PlayerReady

Used in networked games to signify when each player is ready to continue to the next map. Set by CheckForAccelerate.

int Me

The value of Wbs.PNum when Start was called. Usually not changed, so essentially equivalent to Wbs.PNum.

int BCnt

TO-DO — This section is not finished yet

int CurState

The current stage the intermission is in.

WbStartStruct Wbs

The WbStartStruct passed to this class via the Start function.

WbPlayerStruct[MAXPLAYERS] Plrs

The value of Wbs.Plyr when Start was called. Usually not changed, so essentially equivalent to Wbs.Plyr.

int OtherKills

int Cnt

int Cnt_OtherKills

int[MAXPLAYERS] Cnt_Kills

int[MAXPLAYERS] Cnt_Items

int[MAXPLAYERS] Cnt_Secret

int[MAXPLAYERS] Cnt_Frags

int[MAXPLAYERS] Cnt_Deaths

int Cnt_Time

int Cnt_Total_Time

int Cnt_Par

int Cnt_Pause

int Total_Frags

int Total_Deaths

bool NoAutoStartMap

int DoFrags

int Ng_State

float ShadowAlpha

PatchInfo MapName

PatchInfo Finished

PatchInfo Entering

PatchInfo Content

PatchInfo Author

TO-DO — This section is not finished yet

textureId P_Secret

The "SECRET" (default WISCRT2) graphic.

textureId Kills

The "KILLS" (default WIOSTK) graphic.

textureId Secret

The "SCRT" (default WIOSTS) graphic.

textureId Items

The "ITEMS" (default WIOSTI) graphic.

textureId TimePic

The "TIME" (default WITIME) graphic.

textureId Par

The "PAR" (default WIPAR) graphic.

textureId Sucks

The "SUCKS" (default WISUCKS) graphic.

textureId FinishedPatch

textureId EnteringPatch

string[2] LNameTexts

string[2] AuthorTexts

bool Snl_PointerOn

int[MAXPLAYERS] Player_Deaths

TO-DO — This section is not finished yet

int Sp_State

Used in single-player status screens during the StatusScreen.STATCOUNT stage for indicating the current round of statistics to count up.

int CWidth

int CHeight

int ScaleMode

int WrapWidth

int ScaleFactorX

int ScaleFactorY

TO-DO — This section is not finished yet

Overview of instance members

AccelerateStage, Author, AuthorTexts, BCnt, Bg, CHeight, CWidth, Cnt, Cnt_Deaths, Cnt_Frags, Cnt_Items, Cnt_Kills, Cnt_OtherKills, Cnt_Par, Cnt_Pause, Cnt_Secret, Cnt_Time, Cnt_Total_Time, Content, CurState, DoFrags, Entering, EnteringPatch, Finished, FinishedPatch, Items, Kills, LNameTexts, MapName, Me, Ng_State, NoAutoStartMap, OtherKills, P_Secret, Par, PlayerReady, Player_Deaths, Plrs, ScaleFactorX, ScaleFactorY, ScaleMode, Secret, ShadowAlpha, Snl_PointerOn, Sp_State, Sucks, TimePic, Total_Deaths, Total_Frags, Wbs, WrapWidth


const int TITLEY

The Y position (in 320x200 pixels) to draw the top of the "finished" and "entering" text. Used by DrawEl and DrawLf.

const int SP_STATSX

const int SP_STATSY

const int SP_TIMEX

const int SP_TIMEY

const int NG_STATSY


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Overview of constants